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Salon policy:

Any services are subject to changed or be cancelled after a 15 minute late period. Please call or text.

Any no shows or day of cancelled appointments may be subject to a fee of the full service price. 

All deposits made are final and cannot be transferred for missed appointments





Keratin treatments are great to smooth, defrizz and revitalize your hair. I offer t the express blowout lasts up to 6 weeks and is great for a on the go treatment to defrizz and cut blow-dry time down. The express only takes 45 mins and can be added on to any color or cut service. This treatment helps revitalize the hair and repair damage as well as add shine. For more FAQ check out the website


Individual lash extensions are placed one to one ratio with your natural lash. They will naturally over time fall off but to maintain them a fill is required every 2-3 weeks. During the appointment we will go over how to take care and maintain lashes. Mascara is not recommended to be worn with lashes as well as oil based products. 


I offer two methods of extensions. Keratin fusion and hand-tied,  the company I use is Tony Odisho and is based in Chicago. For new extension clients I require a consultation to determine color match, prices, and over all look. During this appointment, we will place an order for the hair and this will be considered your down payment. Once hair is ordered we will book the application appointment and the day of hair appointment will be the cost of application. For more information on the extensions visit

Fusions : full head (not including cost of hair)

* prices may vary less for partial head of application, cost of hair is determined at consultation. These are the easiest to maintain, they can last 3-4 months and have 360 degree mobility which is great for ponytails and styling your hair. The bond is made of keratin proteins which will not damage the hair. Once it is time for removal the bonds are sprayed with a dissolving solution and clamped out of the hair.  

Hand-Tied Extensions: Application of full head  (not including cost of hair). Beads are applied in a row to your natural hair then the weft is sewn into the beads for a weightless, no glue or heat application. Maintenance is 250+ every 6-8 weeks with the ability to reuse hair up to 3 times.



All bridal information can be done during a consultation. First appointment is quick run through and we will talk about your day, I will need location, date, time, and how many people will be needing services that day. For our team to come on sight there needs to be at least 4 people getting hair and/or makeup. Next we will book the trial and do our practice run through for the day of and go over final information, if anyone cancels for services day of there will be a 50% charge for the service. 

Located in downtown McHenry, I have been behind the chair since 2006 and also a cosmetology educator. I love creating and trying new things. I offer many types of services and always love to learn all the new trends.

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Lora Ziulek
Valeries Salon
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